Introducing the bloggers

So this project is very much a collaboration. It is nothing without our amazing panel of bloggers so we'd like to introduce you to them to give you a taste of which angle they might be coming from. We have a fabulous and diverse range of contributors.

Carrie Anne Walton
Carrie is from the North East of England and writes Carrie on Running. She has been running since April 2012 after signing up for the 2013 London Marathon despite never having run since school (and even then she only ran if she was forced to). Once she got the hang of it there was no stopping her and to date she's done one full marathon, six half marathons and countless other runs. For Carrie, running is all about friendships and fun and she quickly lost interest in the competitive element of it. Carrie likes playing the devil's advocate.

Christine 'Dash'
Christine is a Londoner and writes Diary of a Dashing Fashionista. She has been a runner for a couple of years now and is interested in the health benefits of running as well as having an insane ability to combine running and fashion flawlessly.

PT Mollie
PTMollie started her website in 2012 as a resource for people looking for the 'thing' that inspires them to be healthy and happy. Her holistic coaching utilizes goal setting, accountability, and personal achievement. She is an active Sportmaker volunteer and personal trainer in the London fitness community. She also uses sport to fundraise for Rod's Racing.

Becca Jones
From Snickers to Marathon is Londoner Becca's diary of her journey from overweight couch potato to marathon runner and general fitness fanatic. Having discovered the joys of running in 2011 she decided to run the London Marathon in 2012 and is now a lover of all things fitness related - weights, HIIT, plyometrics, yoga and Pilates all feature alongside running in her weekly schedule. In 2013 she took on and completed Tough Mudder. 2014 will see a fitter, leaner Becca return to run the London Marathon again.

Kathleen Walker
Kathleen blogs at Run My Own Way, a blog about her experiences trying to fit in running and training around being a mum to two little boys. The blog covers her training and race experiences, including her first marathon in 2012, but with 10 years experience working as a physiotherapist in the NHS and privately, the blog also covers issues regarding health, injury and general fitness. Plus there will probably be a couple of posts in there about being a mum that runs. She was a teenage athlete and the Olympics has inspired her to get back to track running but a recent Good For Age entry to the London Marathon will no doubt see more marathon related posts.....when she's not injured.

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