What's this about?

Opinion is a valuable commodity which is often abused. Through a series of bi-weekly 'think-piece' articles we want to encourage the sharing and discussion of opinions and ideas on a wide range of running and health-related topics by gathering a group of respected and articulate bloggers together to set the dialogue in motion. There is a vast difference between debate and argument and we want to promote the idea of healthy and active debate and the importance of respecting and appreciating other people's opinions regardless of how contentious or contrary to your own they are.

A fortnightly topic is set and all of the writers involved publish their pieces on their blogs which are linked together on this site and discussed and debated among the blogs at length and on Twitter using the #RunWithAnIdea. Each blogger will present a different slant on the topic which will really get you thinking about how ideas can carry across a variety of blogger demographics, and encourage healthy discussion about each topic.

There's no pussyfooting going on here and the Devil's advocate has a place reserved at the head of the table.

Read. Agree. Disagree. We don't mind. Just discuss.

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