Monday, 8 July 2013

The Olympics one year on: did we 'Inspire a Generation'?

Friday 12th July's topic

One year on from London 2012 and it's time for a retrospective. The tagline for the Olympics was 'Inspire a Generation' but did they succeed? Are children more involved in sport and was it because of the Olympics? What about adults - were they more inspired to dust off their trainers and get moving?

Join us in a discussion about all things post-olympics. We will delve into the facts, figures, opinions and perceptions of sport in the UK and abroad in the 12 months that have followed the Greatest Sporting Show On Earth.

And just for some light-hearted relief, we reveal those sports we want added as Olympic events, and those we want sacked!

Follow us and keep watching for the launch of our debut articles this Friday, then join in with the discussion and share your ideas.

Come on - help us set the dialogue in motion!

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